Worshipping Safely

at Grace of God

We want to gather worship safely. Read below to know our plans for gathering together safely.

  • What will worship be like?

    We will use our HVAC system and open windows and doors to ventilate our worship space as best we can. We’ll provide quiet fans to facilitate air movement during worship


    We will enjoy a time of socially distant fellowship before and after worship outside. We will not greet each other with handshakes or hugs.


    You will find an offering plate by the doors going into church.


    At entrance one usher prop doors open 5 minutes before the service is to begin (weather permitting); invite worshippers to come inside. Usher will offer hand sanitizer to each worshipper at entry.


    Each worshipper must wear a mask when they enter the building. They may remove the mask outdoors after worship when they can socially distance themselves again. BUT perhaps better advice is simply to continue wearing a mask even after worship and outdoors.


    When you enter our sanctuary seat yourselves from front to back. Members who want to sit in the front should go in first. Members who want to sit in back should go in last. We want to try to avoid passing each other in the sanctuary.


    Follow the service in the red hymnal in the pew, Christian Worship.

    NOTE: We will continue to stream our worship services on Zoom each Sunday morning


    • You will be dismissed from back to front straight out the door to visit socially distantly outdoors.
    • For the time being we will forego enjoying food and coffee together after worship so as to avoid touching common surfaces. We will thank the Lord for our worship time together but not lengthen the time to include sitting close together for a Bible Class.
    • Look forward to our own weekly mid-week Bible Study at church. We will carry out this Bible Study time on Thursday evenings and on Zoom.
    • We will disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as doors, light switches, chairs and door handles.
  • Remembering the Death of Christ  - Holy Communion in Worship

    Ushers will direct 1 family unit or 1 member at a time to come forward down the center aisle to the table at the altar step. Remove or lower your facemask. Pastor, wearing a facemask and gloves, will invite communicants to take and eat, take and drink. As you return by the side aisle to your pew you may place your cup in the receptacle to the right or to the left of the altar. Replace your facemask as you return by the side aisle to your chosen pew or seat. When all have communed and returned to their pews, Pastor will bless all those who communed.

  • Please note!

    We will continue offering online worship for those who are sick, at higher risk, who have been exposed to a coronavirus patient within the last 14 days or remain uncomfortable gathering in person.

    ONGOING AWARENESS! We will pay attention.

    • We will be checking state and local health department notices about transmission in the community and adjust our public meeting as leadership in government recommends.
    • If we determine that a person diagnosed with COVID-19 is present in our building we will immediately dismiss all in attendance. We will assist the infected individual to find and receive medical care. We will  properly clear and disinfect our worship before gathering again. We will alert and cooperate with local health officials to trace contacts.