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Pastor Jim Bourman – what we believe, what he teaches

    Pastor Jim studied at Northwestern College where he earned his undergraduate degree. He studied theology at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary where he prepared for pastoral ministry. He’s pastored churches in Michigan, Texas, New York and Minnesota. He and his wife, Hope have seven children and a growing group of grandchildren. You can reach him at 507-990-6996.

He really likes to dig deep into the Scriptures. You’d expect that from the book that God himself authored. We want to know our God well. So, we meet often to grow and know God well. We meet every week for quiet and reverent worship. We also like to meet informally. We meet after worship on Sundays for coffee and friendship and again on Wednesday evenings.

Jesus said he saved us to be disciples. That means we know and believe what he’s teaching but it also means that we watch him as a truly holy role model. That’s why we study the Bible carefully. Details matter especially when it comes to God’s Word. That desire runs deep.

We know the task our God took on himself when he sent his Son to save the world. We believe that Jesus Christ suffered and died for the sins of humanity. Are you reading this? He died for your sins too. He exchanged his innocent Life for our lives-not innocent at all. His death was much worse than the crucifixion we’ve heard about. His death was the hell we of the human race deserve and we do deserve hell! You might say that his death was a debt payment-a complete debt payment. He paid off our debt and the cost was his life. So he died – for us.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from death is like a triumphant trumpet blast that announces unbelievable good news. God forgives sinners! God makes unholy people holy and righteous. God gives eternal life to people like us who deserve to die but never will-thanks to Jesus Christ. He died so we can live.

The word ‘grace’ in the Bible has a unique meaning. Grace means love but ‘love’ with an unexpected connotation – ‘undeserved love’. We all have consciences. We all know how to feel guilty. We all know we all are guilty of all kinds of wrong thinking and doing and talking. Jesus Christ lived and died for people like us. Why would he do that? That’s the grace of God.

Join us. Love what we love. Believe what we believe. Know the Lord our Savior with us.
We are Grace of God Lutheran Church.