Our Pastor

Timothy J. Walsh



Pastor Tim Walsh was installed as our pastor in July 2021. Before becoming the pastor at Grace of God, Pastor Walsh was a high school Spanish teacher in Milwaukee, WI, and a K-12 English teacher in Callao, Peru. 

Tim grew up in Clearwater, Florida. His wife Ruth was born in Malawi while her parents served as missionaries. Tim and Ruth have two children; Eliana (born 2018) and Henry (born 2020).

Pastor Tim speaks both English and Spanish.


Master of Divinity (MDiv) - 2021

Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary - Mequon, WI

Bachelor of Arts (BA) - 2016

Martin Lutheran College - New Ulm, MN


As part of his ministerial internship in Falls Church, VA, Pastor Walsh produced video devotional studies on all 150  psalms. The series, "Thoughts from the Psalms," is available at this link on the website of Grace Lutheran Church, Falls Church VA. 

Varios videos en la serie "Meditando en los Salmos" están disponibles por la página de FB de Iglesia Luterana Gracia y Paz, Falls Church VA. Siga este enlace.

Pastor Walsh's MDiv thesis, on the grammatical-rhetorical structuring of the sermons in the book of Acts, is available here in the essay file of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.